Sunday, May 3, 2015

Like father, like son

Is it really May 2015 already? hard to believe. And not to my surprise, I did not make time for this blog like I swore I would try to last year! Well here I go trying again... and what better way to start again than with a post with my two favorite guys in my life, my husband and my son! Yes! We welcomed this little guy into our lives on November 3rd, is actually midnight as I'm typing this, and my son has just turned 6 months! How time flies, it's amazing. He has 2 teeth now, starting to eat solids, and sleeps so well through the night. He is the most content happy baby you will ever meet, we got lucky...and his sisters love him so very much! These photos were taken with the new D750 that Yee bought for me, the quality is superb...although I did have a difficult time focusing on some of the photos, still need some practice.
his laugh is so contagious!


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