Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Dear Madison

Today is my eldest daughter's birthday! 8 years flew she is, my smart, beautiful, funny, crazy girl! I love you dearly! We celebrated on May 22nd with her two good friends with birthday cake, tacos and lots of sweet treats! Also played with play doh, jumped rope, did some sidewalk chalk art, and painted our nails. They definitely had a great time!

Madison loves Taylor Swift and knows practically every one of her songs. She is a wiz at math and loves to draw, paint, and do anything crafty. She is enjoying the 2nd grade and learning how to read chapter books, even skipping ahead to learn multiplication---I'm so blessed with smart smart smart kiddos.
^^Maddie's favorite kind of cupcakes...with a cherry on top! she loves loves loves cherries! esp in a milk shake!
^party favors for the girls!
 daddy lighting the candles...8 of them!
happy b i r t h d a y to you M a d i s o n

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