Monday, February 24, 2014

sledding with daddy!

There's so much that happened in the last two weeks, I'm disappointed that I'm not able to touch this blog as much as I should…a lot of my posts will not be to the exact date but I'm going to do my best to record and include as many events and memories as I can. Here's some photos from last week of Yee and Audrey sledding and playing in the snow :) We've had so much snow lately! I guess we have to make the best of this "lovely" winter season we have. The temperature that day was much higher than usual..we were able to stay outside for quite awhile. It definitely was refreshing..being stuck inside is no fun! 

Stay warm everyone! #frozen


  1. Janny Thao25/2/14 5:04 AM

    Dre is super cute!! It looks like she loved it!

    1. Yes she did, then Yee let Jack out and she went inside...too scared of dogs lol