Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finally back to doing what I love most…

To whom it may concern, just curious, or taking the time to care :

It's been quite a while (a long time actually) that I've been on here…I've hit many bumps along the way and I lost myself. There are some countless excuses I could give but I won't do that today…it was plain laziness and my focus was definitely elsewhere. I hope to blog more and do more of what I love--photography, spend time with my loved ones, bake, cook, read, and write..maybe even start scrapbooking again. This past year was the craziest time of my life..I felt the lows and highs of all emotions at its extreme. I am grateful for the unconditional love, support, and care my girls and my husband showed me while I came to find the best of me again. I am lucky to be loved by this man, he has the biggest heart and eyes that sees this world in a better light than most people I know….I love my husband, Yee Thao.

Anyway, more posts to come. There are some photography works that I did awhile back and never was able to post them...I will do a few "throwbacks" to catch up. I'll also post daily happenings with the girls, Yee and myself. I hope that I can log on here years later and see that I've created great memories and that I've put all my efforts into the things I love. There will probably be some random ramblings on here about whatever :) 

xo shoua

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