Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A little love in your life...

Again, Kabao and I had the pleasure of photographing these two. They were seriously funny--like I said, I love their sense of humor! I didn't have time to put in the "blooper" photos...but believe me we had many laughs. =) It was a fun time...and the weather cooperated with us this time! No rain!

I really think these photos turned out great, and Pao and Marina made that happen! They are very photogenic and were not afraid to try out my awkward poses! :) Thanks for allowing Kabao and I to practice shooting...we are so lucky to have such beautiful people in our lives! <3 of course inside and out!

Enjoy! Kabao and I took so many photos this time...we couldn't choose which were the best, so I edited A LOT! I hope you guys like them as much as we do! No doubt we are no professionals...but we are learning and putting our efforts in learning more about this art!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Time !

This last weekend my sister, Kabao and I went to see Janny (my sister-in-law) and her little family in Minnesota! It was a fun weekend and quite exhausting, but quite worth it! Janny had been asking me to go visit and photograph her little girls for awhile now...and I finally had a little time to make the drive up there. Oh how I miss them already-so sweet and lovely! Meet Lillian Moua (22 months), Aleeah Moua (4 months), and her parents Janny Thao and George Moua.

All photos were taken in the back yard of Janny and George's home by G|L p h o t o g r a p h y (me) & KBphotography (my sister, Kabao) --Lillian was too busy chasing after bubbles and was not a big fan of the camera...but we got a few shots of her having fun in this summer heat. Adorable Aleeah spoiled us with her cute self and contagious laugh! I just regret that we did not have enough time to spend with Janny's lovely family--next time we will get more family pictures! I <3 you all!

What a great weekend! Thank you Janny for being such a great host..better yet--for being such a sweet sister. Kabao and I felt nothing bust joy and comfort in your home! I am grateful to have such wonderful and kind sister-in-laws...I consider myself to be very blessed to have you all as my family!