Wednesday, July 18, 2012

swag: YOLO

:)     Awe, I was so honored to be asked to photograph these brother and his girlfriend ;)
Mother nature really teased us through out the started out as a gorgeous morning and by the time everyone was ready, dark clouds came in and it started raining...then pouring..raining...stopped, and rained again. We thought we were pretty much out of luck...well until 6:00PM rolled around...we snuck in a few shots and did the best we could. The lighting wasn't the best...and with no other photography gear...I had to rely on my poor editing skills :P Aren't these two just lovely... :) I love both of their sense of humor and beautiful was super fun! let's plan another shoot soon.

<3 love like this

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  1. Omg i love these photos! You did an awesome job as our photographer :) Thanks a lot!

    Love, Marina <3