Thursday, June 21, 2012

Full of life, full of happiness, Motherly Love...

It was a HOT day yesterday! :') Well after I got enough sleep, Kabao and I decided to get together and plan a shoot with Evelyn. Agh, that didn't work out too well. Eve knocked out at about 5:00pm and we waited until she woke up to go out. In the mean time we enjoyed some papaya salad and grilled drum sticks that Eve's grandma had made! Mmm yum! (now I really want some more papaya salad, and it's 6:30 AM LOL) By the time Evelyn woke up it was close to 7:00PM already, the sun was starting to set so we didn't get very good lighting. So here are just a couple of fun snap shots...Eve wasn't very cooperative--there was a playground where we were at ;) she was so anxious to just go play!

Kiss Kiss, Good bye! ;)

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