Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Favorite Recipes that I shared with the Bride, Jill Raikowski

Today was Jill's bridal shower! what a great turn-out it was! People had fun and she got AWESOME gifts from all her friends and family! I'm so happy for Jill and Justin! (I love u guys + Eeva!) Pictures from the bridal shower will be posted soon...once I get to them ;)

Well...funny thing happened...according to Jill and Jolene, it was a cute thing that happened. On the bridal shower invitation, it was written that each person should bring their favorite recipe to share with Jill. So here Pachear and I were thinking that we were supposed to make our favorite recipe and bring it to the shower to share with Jill. I made eggrolls and chocolate covered strawberries! Chia made deviled eggs. ready for the funny part? We were never to make our recipe but just bring a written recipe to share with jill...each recipe was entered in, whoever got picked got a gift card! OMG I was so embarrassed! LOL but luckily people liked eating eggrolls and chocolate covered strawberries (they were all gone by the end of it!) I will always remember this!
yummy egg rolls
chocolate covered strawberries...mmm!

(sorry, no pic of the deviled eggs, but they were mmm yum too!)

Last Night's BBQ!

Last night after I got back from the Thao-Graduation...Yee and I decided to grill some ribs and watch a movie together. (the girls are once again at grandmas until Tuesday..I miss them so much, but the quiet was good for Yee and I, we don't get that time together too much) We were going to have some wine that my sister, Pachear, got me for my birthday but after chilling it and taking it out of the refridgerator to pour ourselves each a glass...I realized we didn't have a cork screw! So Yee and I searched all the drawers in the luck! Ha-Ha. Pachear, next time get us a cork screw too lol jk. So no wine, juice it was! lol. Ribs were so tasty! If there's one really good thing my husband can do, that's working his magic on the grill! HIS STEAKS ARE THE BEST! lol...I don't usually brag or boast about my husband too much...just ask him. but this time I will since it's the truth ha-ha. jk babe, i love u!

Mmmmmm...YUMMMMYYY!!! They were so good!

Here's Yee...checking out the ribs. haha he is so serious when it comes to grilling. he wouldn't even pose for me. I told him to hold the tongs and pose for me...he just ignored me and said that's stupid! I just laughed. he-he.

Oh! AND I decided
I wanted
some icecream too...
so I ate my
ice-cream bar
while Yee grilled
the yum.
What a nice
 day it was to
grill outside and
spend time with
your significant other!