Friday, June 3, 2011

sidewalk chalk! :)

The girls were getting ancy and really wanted to go outside to draw on the side yes...even in this super warm weather...I let them go out and took a couple of photos. This is at grandma's house...they always, well almost always get their way over at grandma's house! Oh by the way, Ally was very sick yesterday and wanted nothing to do with anyone but her Uncle Yeng. She's feeling a lot better you can tell by the smile on her face below! :) but one sad thing, AUDREY is sick now...ahhhhhh. She's been real crabby...poor girl. I just want them all to feel their best soooon! ahhh.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June

It's the first day of JUNE! O MY GOODNESS...where has the time gone? I'm looking foward to the nice weather today..the sun always makes me happier.

I've been reading up on photography..and I'm considering buying a new lens for my nikon d5000...I think I've been thinking way too much about photography--i've been on and since last night ahhhh! and this morning while I was looking at the photo blog..and looking at their camera gear--somehow I wounded up having my camera in my hand and taking a couple self portraits LOL.

I have to go intern in about 1/2 an this will be it for today. enjoy! :P