Friday, October 7, 2011

yummy in my tummy...

Yee was actually craving Kapong...Qhaub Poob...ka poon---HOWEVER YOU WANNA SPELL IT, it is delicious either way! LOL. No coconut...but still was very tasty! I wish we had more than one can of the eggs though...that is Madison's favorite part of the broth. I still have a lot of broth left, but no more noodles. I'm definitely going to go get more yumm can't wait! See how delious this dish looks, it's like you can almost smell it cooking in your kitchen right now! gosh I shouldn't even write about it anyore....i need to go to sleep, not think about food! ha-ha! hope everyone has a good night! NIGHT!

Some people don't eat it with green onions or cilantro...but I love it with my KA POON! LOL

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