Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend with friends!

So Eeva and Maddie met each other for the first time! And it didn't even take any time for them to get use to each other...I'm so glad Madison wasn't afraid of her. Allison was excited, she knew exactly who was at the door! Audrey was pretty curious about her too, and didn't even cry...maybe a just a little whining when Eeva invaded her space lol...they had a great time. It was also very nice to see Jill and Justin again! AND Yee actually stayed up passed 8:30 PM! (ha-ha). We always have fun with those guys...we miss them so much! It's harder to hang out now that we live much farther from each other! BUT you better believe it that we will make the effort to hang out when we can! Here's some pictures from the weekend that they came over (Oct 1st-2nd)
Mcdee's for lunch! :) ...and we got quite a few monopoly pieces..some free fries and a QPC--which Yee already got for himself for dinner last night! Oh, and I'm sorry that the guys had to go back to McDees to get that 2nd cheese burger that they forgot!! We have to hang out again my friends!

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