Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pretty in Pink!

So...after doing tons of laundry, we are definitely caught up! haha just thought i'd put that in here. Anyway...yee left early this morning for work and the girls and I slept in a little :D!! All of us took showers/baths this fresh and clean!

I decided to dress audrey up in her multi-pink colored dress to match the head band I bought for her the other day. Pics are posted below. SHE IS SO DERN CUTE! :D I don't want her to grow up at all...I told Yee that I wish she would stay that size forever! He said that he wants her to grow up faster she can at least talk to us. eh, i still want her to stay this way! they grow up way to fast...and get NAUGHTY! speaking of which. today when Madison and I were out shopping (for nail polish)...Ally was "naughty" and tried to paint her nails and it got everywhere! on her hands, face, and MY COUCH AND END TABLE! errrr i was so mad! She got in trouble...err terrible twos i tell you! She didnt seem to get the concept of it though...I asked her if she was naughty and she said "yes" I said why did you do it...and she said, "cuz". LOL. i swear, my girls are so lucky they are cute...otherwise it wouldnt be so hard to stay mad! lol.


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