Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Favorite Recipes that I shared with the Bride, Jill Raikowski

Today was Jill's bridal shower! what a great turn-out it was! People had fun and she got AWESOME gifts from all her friends and family! I'm so happy for Jill and Justin! (I love u guys + Eeva!) Pictures from the bridal shower will be posted soon...once I get to them ;)

Well...funny thing happened...according to Jill and Jolene, it was a cute thing that happened. On the bridal shower invitation, it was written that each person should bring their favorite recipe to share with Jill. So here Pachear and I were thinking that we were supposed to make our favorite recipe and bring it to the shower to share with Jill. I made eggrolls and chocolate covered strawberries! Chia made deviled eggs. ready for the funny part? We were never to make our recipe but just bring a written recipe to share with jill...each recipe was entered in, whoever got picked got a gift card! OMG I was so embarrassed! LOL but luckily people liked eating eggrolls and chocolate covered strawberries (they were all gone by the end of it!) I will always remember this!
yummy egg rolls
chocolate covered strawberries...mmm!

(sorry, no pic of the deviled eggs, but they were mmm yum too!)

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  1. I just read this post. You're SO cute! lol