Thursday, October 13, 2011

some oriental style chicken noodle soup on this cool fall day? YES PLEASE!

What's better than having a bowl of Qhaub Piaj on this gloomy day?! I dont think anything else...LOL. It's my day off! YAY. (going to try to be as productive as I can) I already thawed out the chicken last night so I could make the soup this morning! Very simple and easy to make..but also VERY DELICIOUS AND SATISFYING!

What you need:

1. Organic chicken (at your local oriental store) or you can use chicken breast from any grocery store.
2. Lai Fun Noodles (at your local oriental store) It is a tapioca based noodle.
3. Green onions
4. Garlic chili oil
5. A pot of water!

What to do:
1. Bring the pot of water to a boil and place chicken or chicken breasts in the pot...wait for chicken to fully cook.
2. Take the chicken out of the pot and chop up chicken into bite size pieces.
3. While chicken broth is still boiling, place noodles in pot and add chicken pieces (stir occasionally until noodles are soft enough to eat!)
4. add salt to pot of soup
5. add green onions and garlic chili oil to your bowl of soup and ENJOY! =)

I'm actually going to have myself another bowl...SEE-YA LATER!

Friday, October 7, 2011

yummy in my tummy...

Yee was actually craving Kapong...Qhaub Poob...ka poon---HOWEVER YOU WANNA SPELL IT, it is delicious either way! LOL. No coconut...but still was very tasty! I wish we had more than one can of the eggs though...that is Madison's favorite part of the broth. I still have a lot of broth left, but no more noodles. I'm definitely going to go get more yumm can't wait! See how delious this dish looks, it's like you can almost smell it cooking in your kitchen right now! gosh I shouldn't even write about it anyore....i need to go to sleep, not think about food! ha-ha! hope everyone has a good night! NIGHT!

Some people don't eat it with green onions or cilantro...but I love it with my KA POON! LOL

motherly love, we heart you!

It's always nice to spend time with your mom! Moms are definitely the best! During the summer, you probably couldn't catch my mom in the house at all...she's out in her garden by 5:30AM and will likely only be inside during meal times. She is one busy bee...and she is one of the hardest working people I know--but the best thing is, she doesn't complain about it either. The pictures on this post were taken the day Kabao, Maddie, and I were helping my mom and her sister cut flowers on a Friday before Saturday morning market. We picked zinneas, gladiolas, and other flowers too I believe...I just don't remember! Well I hope you guys enjoy these pictures! :D I played with the depth of field effect, thought they turned out pretty cool!
We hardly get any pictures with that my family and I moved to appleton, closer to mom...we will definitely have to take time to do more things with each other...even if that means just sitting down and talking! but shopping and going to the spa doesn't sound too bad either! Ha-ha...(since kb doesn't want to go to the spa with me..--every time I ask, she tells me she's not that kind of girl! ugh!) I will ask mom to go--hmm now when is the next time she is freeeeee?

Weekend with friends!

So Eeva and Maddie met each other for the first time! And it didn't even take any time for them to get use to each other...I'm so glad Madison wasn't afraid of her. Allison was excited, she knew exactly who was at the door! Audrey was pretty curious about her too, and didn't even cry...maybe a just a little whining when Eeva invaded her space lol...they had a great time. It was also very nice to see Jill and Justin again! AND Yee actually stayed up passed 8:30 PM! (ha-ha). We always have fun with those guys...we miss them so much! It's harder to hang out now that we live much farther from each other! BUT you better believe it that we will make the effort to hang out when we can! Here's some pictures from the weekend that they came over (Oct 1st-2nd)
Mcdee's for lunch! :) ...and we got quite a few monopoly pieces..some free fries and a QPC--which Yee already got for himself for dinner last night! Oh, and I'm sorry that the guys had to go back to McDees to get that 2nd cheese burger that they forgot!! We have to hang out again my friends!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm all Smiles :)

Wow...can you believe it, September is gone and October has started! It's nuts! I think this 3rd shift job and on top of that working 12 hr shifts really made last month go by fast! I can't believe I've been working at Harbor House for more than a month now. Anyway...that also means I don't get enough time with my girls as much as I would like. I cherish every moment I get with them now more than ever because I am not awake during "normal" hours. Lol. It's switch week for me this week, so I have tonight off but I'll be going in tomorrow night. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday here I come...ahhh. Madison is finally back from grandmas...I missed her so much! but gosh she's already becoming a big baby when it comes to sharing me with her sisters lol. And she came back just in time..our friends Jill and Justin are coming to visit us tonight and they are bringing Eeva! (the most loving black lab you'll ever meet! woof woof!) This will be Madison's first time meeting Eeva and Ally's second...while it'll be Audrey's oooh lets say 3rd or 4th time. LOL. Anyway...we can't wait to see them!

Eye candy for the day: Audrey sitting in her high chair and being very happy! lol I love that she can smile so easily for me.

Friday, September 30, 2011


MmmMmMmmmMmmmmm yUmMmmmY cupcakes! I really don't think you can ever go wrong with cake mix from a box! This was a super moist chocolate fudge cake mix by betty crocker. I used regular vanilla frosting by pilsbury ( you know...the little blue container with the little pilsbury dough boy on the label )...I made the frosting pink just by adding a few drops of red food coloring. And to top it off, I put little red cherries on top--which you can find at your local grocery store! SUPER SIMPLE! I hope you guys enjoy them as much as my family and I did!                                                                     

We had so much fun making them...but we had more fun eating them! =) Hope you enjoy this blog post as much as I do! comments appreciated! :) I'm going back to bed! lol...I have to work a 12 hr shift in a few hours! GOOD NIGHT! 

More posts coming soon now that I have the internet back!

PIECE OF CAKE, CUPCAKE...with a cherry on top! LOL

mm yumm!


good bye...

come back soon!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grandma & Jewel

Sorry..once again I have not been updating this blog of mine. I haven't been taking any photos of recent events or I decided to edit some of Grandma and Jewel! Gosh that Jewel is so darn cute! We went to her birthday party last weekend and goodness she is growing up so quickly and that goes for Lily and Audrey too! I can't believe how well Jewel is walking. Now we just need Audrey and Lily to start walking! We are going to Lily's birthday party on the 24th...with these September girls we will always be busy in the month of September for the rest of our lives lol. I can't wait to see everyone again! Been working and SLEEPING so much...need some time to get away ha-ha. Well enjoy these pictures...they really are priceless. We are so blessed to have such a loving grandma...yes we are! And the September girls have brought so much joy and happiness to each and everyone of us! We love you girls very very much: Audrey, Jewel, and Lily.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Audrey's birthday party/blessing

WOW it's been a long time since I've blogged.  I've been busy! Yes...with my friend's wedding, interviewing for a job, getting a job, moving to my parent's house...A LOT HAS BEEN GOING ON THIS MONTH! Tomorrow is SEPTEMBER ALREADY JEE-ZUS! Anyway here's Audrey with her cousin Jett SyLy Yang after everyone had left the party. We miss Auntie Soua and the kids already! and we will see you on Sept 10th for Jewel's birthday party!

Thank you everyone who came to help us celebrate Audrey's birthday and witness her prayer! We thank God for blessing us with another healthy and happy daughter. She brings so much joy into our lives and I cannot imagine life without her.

Audrey Kaab Lag's actual birthday is on September
4th, but we decided to celebrate early with the blessing. The blessing was supposed to happen earlier but because of our busy schedules, with school, work, and my internship...we just couldn't find the time to plan it. And when we finally had time, it was going to be so close to her birthday--we decided to just celebrate all of it at once!

It was really great seeing family and friends! We appreciate all of you and we feel so blessed to have people like you in our lives.
Audrey has the best Aunts and Uncles anyone could ever ask for!

Audrey Kaab Lag and her Grandpa Chue La~ We love you GPA! =)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wisconsin Vally Fair!

Unexpectedly went to the WVF on Thursday night! Fun...but man a person can really spend a lot of money in a short amount of time! I felt like that place robbed me! LOL. You can see some of the rides, games, and of course all the FAIR FOOD! lol. O by the way, i still prefer funnel cakes over those elephant ears that everyone is so crazy over lol. (this was the first time ive ever had elephant ears hehe).

Farmer's Market

What an exhausting weekend! My sisters and I helped my mom pick for market last night and woke up this morning at 5AM to head out to Downtown Appleton for Farmers Market. It was a good day...a little rain earlier but the rest of the day was beautiful! Below are some pictures of the items we were selling!

Appleton Farmers Market--Downtown, College Avenue
Come out every Saturday from 7AM til noon!